A1 Redeye Delivery Loyalty Programs

Reward Card, Stamp Card, Loyalty Program

Get Rewarded For Being A Redeye Jedeye!

With our Reward Card Program, you can earn a free 1/8 of your choice (up to $50)! With our Member Referral Program, you get free stuff when you encourage friends and family to join! And with our Preroll For Your Thoughts Program, you get a free Preroll when you leave an honest review on Yelp! or Google!

Reward Card Program

What Is It?

A stamp card that entitles you to a free 1/8 of any flower on the current menu of your choice (up to $50, Top Shelf flowers are EXCLUDED)

How Does It Work?

  •  Get 1 stamp for every $50 spent on a single visit on eligible products
  • $50 = 1 stamp, $100 = 2 stamps, $150 = 3 stamps, etc.
  • When your Reward Card is full (10 stamps) you can then turn it in and receive your FREE REWARD 1/8!
  • Reward Card can ONLY be redeemed during a regular visit (minimum order of $40+)
  • Reward Cards are the responsibility of the member and should be available during the visit in order to receive stamps

Member Referral Program

What Is It?

You get rewarded for every new member who gets a delivery if they mention your name when they join

How Does It Work? 

  • When your friend or family member calls us to join and get a delivery, they should say "This person referred me"
  • After they have received their first delivery, you will be given a free gram of the flower of your choice with your next delivery
  • If they receive 3 deliveries within 1 month of joining, you will be given a free 1/8 of any flower of your choice (up to $50, Top Shelf flowers are EXCLUDED)

(There is no limit on how many people you can refer)

Preroll For Your Thoughts Program

What Is It?

Receive a free premium preroll when you give us a review on Yelp! or Google

How Does It Work?

  • Leave us an honest review on our Yelp! or Google listing
  • When you call to get your next delivery, tell us which site you left your review on and your user name

(There is no limit on how many prerolls you can earn)

Loyalty Program FAQs

Does Everything On The Menu Earn Stamps For The Reward Card?

  • No, House Blend and other specials or sale items don't earn stamps

I Just Got A Delivery For $45, Why Didn't I Get A Stamp?

  • Stamps are only given for deliveries that are $50 or higher

I Didn't Have My Reward Card Available Last Time, Can I Get Those Stamps Added On My Next Delivery?

  • No, stamps are only given for the current visit so please have your card available during each visit

My Card Is Full, Can I Just Get My Free 1/8?

  • No, Reward 1/8 are only given with purchase of $40+

My Card Is Full, Can I Just Take $50 Off  The Price Of My Order?

  • No, the Reward Cards have NO CASH VALUE and cannot be used as a coupon